Add Another $10,000 Per Month To Your Facebook Ads Agency in 90 Days Or Less

Joining the Inner Circle

Gets you access to a consistent and repeatable process so you can land and keep clients who pay $1k, $2K, even $5K+ a month without any hidden upsells. (yeah… upsells suck)

Here’s how it works

The Agency Scaling Secrets Inner Circle is a program that helps agency owners add another $10K a month or more to their businesses by using tools like:

8 week course

This course includes all my best methods and secrets so you can land clients like clockwork.


Fully editable white label case studies that you can use across 5 different industries so you can start a conversation with a potential client and get them on retainer.


Which are calls that show you step-by-step how successful students get 3-5 appointments a week, land clients with one phone call, and make over $24K in deals by being a guest on a podcast.


All of my recorded calls so you can see how I pitch and land clients consistently. This doesn’t exist on any other programs that I know of.

Some Of Our Successful Students

Take a look at these students who added $10K+ a month to their business. Some of them much more than that.

Without implementation no amount of training you get will help achieve your goals.
That’s why I’ve created a robust support network to make sure you stay on track.

This includes a PRIVATE GROUP OF SUCCESSFUL AGENCY OWNERS who are active and ready to jump in and help where they can as well as coaching and tech support calls so nothing stands in your way.

Here is everything you get when you join today.

When You Join the Inner Circle, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Weeks 1 - 3

  • The secret plan that powers $50,000 a month Facebook ads agencies (the plan no one told you about) and how they grow even if they don’t feel like doing it.
  • Mastering your ‘Mad Men’ style pitch so real life people want to pay you $2,000 on the spot without you being aggressive or sales-y.
  • The easy, repeatable, and consistent three ways you’re going to get 5 - 10 businesses a week raising their hand and showing real interest in your facebook ads program.
  • How to filter, qualify, and only deal with people that have budgets, dollars, and who want to do business with you.
  • The quick and simple document that gets them begging to hear your $2,000 a month pitch and increases the chance of a close by 75%.
By the end of this training you will have a damn good pitch that makes people pay you money, get 5 – 10 people a week raising their hand to take the next step with you, and a deep understanding of the master plan.
($3,000 VALUE)

Weeks 4 - 6

  • How to setup and fulfill every single signed deal in about 45 minutes and how to make sure your campaign will get results BEFORE you turn it on.
  • Implementing the ‘prove your leads are legit’ strategy and how to appropriately yell at your clients when they aren’t doing their part.
  • Pulling back the curtain on ads that already work and white-label case studies you can use in 4 local lead generation niches.
  • How to keep a client renewing even when the campaign bombs and 2 different upsells that increase your renewal rate and increase your dollars per client.
Learn how to fulfill orders and get results, how to keep your clients accountable, and create multiple upsells and downsells so you make more money per call and per client.
($3,000 VALUE)

Weeks 7 - 8

  • How to hire an account manager, how to know IF you need an employee, and how to fix your backend systems so that you work ON your business and not IN it.
  • How to create your custom SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) so your business is simple, consistent, effective and just plain ol’ works even when you can’t or don’t want to.
  • Ticket to the mastermind event AT MY HOUSE where everyone in your cohort will be wrapping up the 8 week ‘agency sprint’ and probably making bad decisions with all their new money.
This training is a game changer. Not only will you create a level of income that can support your lifestyle but you’ll also implement systems that ensure you have time to enjoy it. Plus you’ll get to party at my house in Miami.
($3,000 VALUE)

Your Support Network

  • A private community of people who have the level of success you’re after.
  • Join over HUNDRED’s of students who’ve been right where you are now, have implemented the training, and are reaping the rewards.
  • Grow a powerful network of fellow agency owners and create lifelong business friendships.
($2,000 VALUE)

Your Bonuses

  • 8 accountability coaching calls - sometimes the only thing standing between you and the business you dream of is fear. Believe me I know. That’s why I’m offering 8 coaching calls to help you achieve what I call “Bear Killing Moments”.
  • 8 tech support and Q&A calls - getting bogged down by tech keeps you from cashing checks. Get all of your tech questions answered so you can keep landing clients and growing your income.
  • Every masterclass in the Agency Scaling store. Yep… all of ‘em. You would spend well over $2k if you purchased each one individually.
  • Every masterclass we do for the next 12 months. If we post a new training for sale, you get it for free for the next year.
  • 2 day in-person event at my house where we share knowledge, skills, and expertise. Live meetups can shave years off the learning curve while having fun.
  • Once you’ve graduated you’ll have the opportunity to join our ELITE program for people who want to take their agency beyond HUNDRED’s of THOUSANDS of dollars a year.
(OVER $5,000 VALUE)

Meet Jeff Miller

Hi, I’m Jeff Miller and I’m a former MBA graduate turned successful Facebook ad Agency Owner.

After figuring things out the hard way I decided to create a community of driven agency owners who are interested in learning from me so they don’t have to spend years trying to figure it all out on their own.

I’m ready to show you all my strategies, tactics, and secrets so you can add $10k a month (and more) to your business in 90 days or less.

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