How to Turn a Total Stranger into a $2K Sale in Less Than 12 Hours…

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….without ANY previous results, case studies or testimonials.


When I speak with agency owners, the most common question I get is: how can I close more deals?

You see, most agency owners who are struggling to close deals think their biggest problem is salesmanship.

So, they get sucked into tweaking cold emails, LinkedIn messages & social DMs, in the mistaken belief that their prospecting method is the reason business owners aren’t interested in jumping on a call with them.

And when they finally manage to get in front of a prospect? 

Well, they immediately get stuck in the weeds, focusing way too much on FB pixels, lead forms, optimization yada yada yada and before they know it, the prospect loses interest and bounces along with a potential $1K, $2K, heck even a $5K monthly retainer.

So how do you close more sales and prevent agency retainers from going up in smoke?

The great news is that I have the PERFECT solution to blowing through all this trash that has helped me regularly turn total strangers into 4 & 5 figure deals without ANY previous results, case studies or testimonials.

In fact this solution recently helped me take a prospect who knew nothing about me or my agency from lead to $2K sale in less than 12 hours.

And that solution? 

A powerful direct offer.

In my latest video, I’m going to show you how to create your own direct offer that is so potent it pulls prospects through the sales process, even if you’re not an ultra confident closer.

In this video, I’m going to cover:

    • The EXACT formula I use to create direct offers in any niche that will have business owners dropping 5 figures to work with your agency, even if they barely know you…


    • Why focusing on pixels and lead forms during a demo is like a plastic surgeon obsessing over his scalpel, and what to talk about instead…


    • The unique warm up process I’ve developed that pre-conquers almost all sales objections so effortlessly that demo calls become easy peasy straight forward lay downs..


    • My exact sales process including my never-before-revealed “case study+time” closing method that gently jolts prospects into handing over their credit cards THEN AND THERE…


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